Short list of Little Free Libraries in Denver neighborhoods:

  • 5420 E. First Ave. (Hilltop)
  • 2931 Milwaukee St. (North City Park)
  • 1816 E. 22nd Ave. (City Park West)
  • 605 S. Logan St. (West Wash Park)
  • 4400 E. Iliff Ave. (University Hills)
  • 2693 Cherry St. (Park Hill)
  • 1569 Hooker St. (Sloan’s Lake)
  • 2455 Meade St. (Sloan’s Lake)
  • 3850 Vrain St. (Berkeley)
  • 1390 Eudora St. (Mayfair)
  • 460 High St. (East Wash Park)
  • 601 S. University Blvd. (East Wash Park)
  • 808 S. Vine St. (East Wash Park)
  • 4280 Tennyson St. (Berkeley)
  • 28th Place & Spruce St. (Stapleton)
  • 3651 S. Newport Way (Southmoor Park)
  • 4444 Alcott St. (Sunnyside)







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7 Responses to Short list of Little Free Libraries in Denver neighborhoods:

  1. tim flynn says:

    a Little Free Library by artist Tim Flynn

  2. Robin Filipczak says:

    Thanks for visiting our LFL on South Vine Street. I hope you grabbed a book while you were there!

  3. David Hills says:

    I’m researching various structures for a “little free library” for my wife. I saw a clever one today in Denver. I think the address is 601 S. University. The self closing door uses a a pulley system using a rock weight…fun and ingenious. Might anyone have a plan or diagram of the inner “mechanics” of this door. The rock weight on a cord must operate at 90 degrees to the portion of the cord attached to the door. That is the mechanism I’m looking to duplicate.

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